Who is Biltmore Trust Company?

Our Mission

Biltmore Trust Company is an independent trust company that provides highly personalized services to affluent families, individuals, businesses and philanthropic organizations. Our mission is to build lasting multigenerational relationships with clients and assist them in achieving their financial goals.

Why South Dakota?

South Dakota is a major center for trusts due to the wide range of advantages offered both in the short-term and generationally.  The state offers a hospitable climate and reliable tradition of protecting and enhancing wealth for families and individuals.  Biltmore has built relationships with the State since 2007 to best serve our clients.

Compared to other states, South Dakota offers:
    • Unlimited trust duration
    • Self-settled asset protection trusts
    • Third party discretionary trust laws for asset protection
    • Pure No Income Tax State – no state tax on income, capital gains, dividends, interest, intangibles or any other income
    • Lowest state insurance premium tax in the nation – 8 basis points vs. an average of 200 basis points in other states
    • Some of the best privacy statutes for trusts in the United States
    • Modern trust laws that allow for directed and delegated trusts
  • South Dakota Red Mountains

    Why Biltmore Trust Company?

    The cornerstone of Biltmore’s approach is delivering customized, integrated services that are focused on accomplishing our client’s unique objectives – we listen carefully to what our clients tell us is important to them.

    Biltmore’s highly knowledgeable and professional leadership team offers a full array of experience in the areas of estate and wealth planning, legal, accounting, trust administration, family office, investment, tax preparation and planning.

    Biltmore Trust Company understands the importance of the trustee’s role and how trusts are incorporated into the much larger picture of long-term objectives.

    Biltmore Trust Company sells no products and receives no income from commissions or referrals – we are accountable only and completely to our clients’ objectives.

    Biltmore is comfortable exercising impartial and experienced judgment in the use of discretionary powers – including decisions that might not be popular among all beneficiaries.  Biltmore eliminates the risk of a family member acting in a biased manner, or the burden of putting a family member in the uncomfortable position of having to make decisions that may be unpopular among other family members.  

    Biltmore is licensed and regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking, and is also licensed by the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions. 

    As a licensed public trust company, Biltmore must adhere to the highest industry practices, and is regularly audited and examined to ensure its compliance with the highest standards.  Biltmore is also insured and bonded for our client’s protection.

    Biltmore offers the benefit of South Dakota or Ohio situs. Both states have modern trust statutes, advantageous tax laws, and are ranked among the best jurisdictions for trust administration.   

    Biltmore coordinates with your other professional advisors such as attorneys, accountants, financial consultants to ensure integrated strategies and plans. Each Biltmore account is formally reviewed by the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

    Biltmore offers a fee structure that is reasonable, competitive and fully disclosed to every client.   Clients have found that our fees are substantially lower than typical bank and corporate trust company fees.